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BAStyles says


I’ve been doing a lot of coding in the past 2 years mostly on Freelance websites like Freelancer, ODesk and such. Jobs such as converting PSD to HTML5/CSS3 or HTML Templates to Wordpress or other CMS, depending what the client wants.

However, I’ve noticed that Wordpress themes around here are on whole another level. Ton of widgets, custom taxonomies, amazing and huge theme panels and such.

I’m really eager to learn so I could improve quality of my work, build my own Wordpress theme framework and go from there for easier management and development of my themes.

I’d like to offer a really decent amount of money for someone who is willing to coach me in those crucial areas. Youtube videos, eBooks, anything will do.

Yes, I’ve read few eBooks but none of them really go in-depth, mostly basic stuff which I already know.

Hopefully, I’m posting this in the correct section. Thank you for reading :)

Best regards, BA

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doru says

you can start from here: