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budiadiliansyah says

So here’s my story ...

i just got my theme approved after a very long time of rejections :P it is up on 20 Nov 2012 and the result is … just 3 ( not a surprise, maybe my theme not that good)

[links removed]


considering it is just 4 days ago, and only 3 download so far …

my big question now lies, do i deserve this ?

1. times of times of rejections 2. after approved … got pirated! 3. feeling like bad luck brian haha

they’re pretty quick for doing illegal copy, so quick that only after 3 downloads, it’s already up in that website … and i think it is pretty stupid :P, because only 3 downloads means only 3 suspect, it is very narrow to point finger

So Please envato, help me nail them … nail the user who pirate my theme i know you can, because you can track purchased user


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KingDog Staff says

Please report this kind of thing to Support rather than post it to the forums. Thanks!

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