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a7koop says


I’m thinking about purchasing the theme ‘Pindol’ for a WordPress site and I’ve a question about the theme’s built in accordion.

I’ve a custom accordion on my current WordPress Theme built by my own plugin. My accordion is styled by a custom jQuery-UI theme and I want to know whether it’s possible to apply the ‘Pindol’theme-style of the accordion to my own accordion (and of course how it works ;). The body of both accordions is pretty the same ‘Div->H3,Div,H3,Div…’.

Kind regards, Chris

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charlie4282 says

You would need to talk to the author of Pindol (http://themeforest.net/user/muffingroup right hand side contact form), as without seeing the exact code behind the theme and the plugin it will be very hard to advise you for certain. Good luck