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dwhitmore says


I’ve got the superb Goodlayers wordpress theme Blue Diamond, however when used hand in hand with the ‘Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress’ plugin, the blog area on the homepage screws up. This is obviously a conflict between the 2 (disabling the plugin results in a fixed homepage), however, unfortunately I need the plugin – so I’m wondering if any clever person can figure out how to resolve the conflict?

The site’s here:

Any help would be much appreciated.


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organicbee says

You’re missing the jquery UI stylesheet(Also a somethings calling jQuery UI from google should be loading it from the core)

I also see a few duplicate jQuery plugins.(you have 4 different jQuery easing being loaded, 2 prettyphotos, 2 jquery form)

on a side note your site is completely locking up my browser but I can guess why