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oneillsurf says

Hello All,

I´m looking for a new theme that i haven´t been able to find yet. We´re running a software company and it´s important for us that the client can leave his contact details on the startpage/homepage of the website. It should not just be a landing page. Something similar to this one: http://www.maklarofferter.se/

I would love to get som recomendations from the experts. Thanks Andreas

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samuelthan says

Hi oneillsurf, i’ve not come across a theme that does that out-of-the-box, but i know how to configure and customise such request once you’ve decided a theme :)

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sandra_2010 says

Hello there! Our design experts here ready to work for you.

Feel free to email me at sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com

Hoping to hear from you.