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crozer says

Chris Thank you so much for suggest me ideas will be helpful for my theme

No problem man, a few other things that might help you a bit:

  • Enhance the hover-effect of the footer links with jQuery (so that the pin slides to the right when hovered over); that will give it a much smoother effect.
  • Re-design the Search input and the About boxes in the footer; the bevel looks a bit drastic and it doesn’t fit with the overall design.
  • On the Blog, make the shake effect of the slider shorter or less intense. After a few slides it gets a bit annoying and distracting.
  • I’d replace the comments-bubble image with another one; it somehow doesn’t fit the techno-modern design of the side (too cartoonish).
  • I’d also reduce the intensity of the widget’s text-color. That pure black (#000) is too strong and draws too much attention. Make it a #111 or #181818, or anything alike.

Anyway, good luck again.

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Anjum says

Thanks Chris i have start re editing and using light colors and simple icons or none