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ThemeAvenue says

Hi all,

I was wondering lately how do you guys deal with themes updates.

Here is what I think: when you need to update you theme, it’s annoying for both items reviewer and customers.

  • Items reviewers mush have plenty of new items to check already. And let’s say you have 2 updates coming in a short amount of time, it might get them bored.
  • On the other hand, it’s a lot of work for clients. They might get the Envato e-mail notification, maybe even an in-WordPress notification if you integrated the Envato update notification script, but they still have to go to ThemeForest, log-in, download the latest version, upload it… A lot of work, especially if the guy is not a pro

So how do you deal with that? Do you just let the users do the work (that’s what I’m doing at this time) or do you have better solutions?

Cheers, Julien

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