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andreyfekete says

I make this but i find also on internet one iphone 5c mockup what is look same like mine. What can I do? should I send?

sorry my english….
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Demorfoza says

Guys, it’s not a job request ;)

If you made the same files earlier and you are ready to prove that, then you should send a DMCA notice or at least contact author of that mockup. It may be tricky tho, cause there are hundreds of iPhone mockups and sooner or later someone will make exactly the same looking one.

Anyway if you feel you need to do something about it, take action right away. :)

EDIT: Shame on me. You are trying to send such mockup to GraphicRiver, right? Then do so, but be prepared that one day you may have the situation described above.

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Dzinc says

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