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biak1 says

[link removed]

I recently purchased this. It does not show image slider, and any of widgets. It is impossible to config. I have tried for a few days.

It shows only the background image, politic logo and and right side bar that has stuffs like archive, categories etc…

The reason I bought it was I like the way wideget were put. However, when I actually installed it, I found out that it was a lie.

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Ivor Reviewer says

Hey biak1,

I’m so sorry that you’re having issues with an item, however is not allowed to call out any specific item or author in the forums.

If you think this theme is malfunctioning/broken please lodge a ticket here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit and describe with details the issues.

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gpadilla says

Hy m8. I’ve been reviewing this theme, and I strongly suggest you use the step by step installation and setting of the blog as described in the (rather long) file “documentation.pdf”. There are a few tricky settings to make in order for everything to work well.

The theme is pretty much what it is said : a very powerfull political tool for an online campaign!