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i’ve only just started digging more into AE and only recently discovered the possibility of scripting for values, so I’m still just exploring the waters and what it can do and what is different from flash. At this moment i’m too new with AE possibilities to give a real opinion about any of it, but it does look extremely promising.

The suggestion you describe, breaking my brain for now, not very familiar yet with “layer space”, “composition space” and the 3D and camera workings … but if i understood correctly you link multiple instances of the stickmen to multiple null-s, then use the different null position values as base/input for the stitckmen circle-position/angle.

Would that mean still manually creating like 10 stickmen and 10 nulls. That’s a remaining thing which i was wondering about… is it possible to create like 50 stickmen dynamically? like i’d do with flash something like

var A=[]; for(var i=0;i<50;i++){ A[i] = new stickmencomposition(); addChild(A[i] }

tnx for the feedback, i can see you know what you’re talking about, thoroughly, and do appreciate the details of your answers, that’s a rare nice thing to see … I only wish I were up to a higher level already so i could brainstorm up to speed with you ;)

To make 50 layers automatically, you need to look into scripting. Expressions essentially just set up relations between already existing stuff.

I’ve got several rather intensive work days ahead of me, but maybe I’ll revive this thread after that. There’s a universal way to keep an object upright even at the end of a long parenting chain and in 3D too.

In the meantime, there’s a couple of my expressions tuts here…including a couple that use the layer space stuff, if you’re interested.

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interesting, that should keep me entertained for a while.

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