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Daniel_R says
Feel free to ask me more question pezflash, you got some awesome portfolio too! You can always include some kind of survey inside your help files and ask customers for more feedback. Btw, que viva espana! Excelente mundial que jugaron! Que equipazo el que tienen! felicidades!

Thanks Daniel. The survey is a good idea, but not sure if the customers has the same involvement as you like a user/buyer. I feel very few will fill it and send.

Gracias por lo del Mundial… toda una revolución acá, podrás imaginar. Ya estamos deseando que llegue Brasil 2014! :P

Give your customers some kind of stimulus rewarding them for completing the survey….like a bonus file, preview of your next file, amazon card, etc. This marketing technique is very common of US companies. I always get some free coffee for filling out surveys… ;)

I think its worth trying…who knows… ;)

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biala says


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