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oscalber says

hello i have recently rejected vectors and wanted your opinion to improve my work to gain entry into the staff GraphicRiver :)..

\\ \\ \\

thanks… for reviews.

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EladChai says

Hi, your apple is too simple and has no depth.

Try browsing the categories to familiarize yourself with the high level of vectors on Graphicriver.

I.E http://graphicriver.net/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=apple

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Sleightofhand says

Hello and welcome to GR.

EladChai has given you some great advice about browsing the vector category. I would dedicate some time to that

I am not going to critique these vectors in detail and waste mine and your time as I think the reviewers will never accept this style. The illo’s just aren’t near the standard that is required and too basic and poorly finished.

I would ditch these and start again. Maybe try drafting your ideas with pencil/pen and try to inject some of your own style into your submissions.

Good luck with your GR journey


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ThomGeskin says
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