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sirdon says

Hi all,

I have built a excel spreadsheet whereby people tip a winner for a sporting event. When the event is complete the points are allocated on the position they came for that event. Then it shows the ladder.

I would like to turn this spreadsheet into a website. The user will create an sign-in account. They then log-in make their selections. Then after each event is complete the admin person allocates the points the points and it updates all the users scores and position on the ladder.

If you are interested in helping me out please get in contact with me and I can send you the spreadsheet so you can see exactly what i mean and hopefully come up with a quote.


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webdesignerart says

Ohhh, got it, well contact me through my profile page for more details.

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Bravo017587 says

Hi Sirdon,

Hope you are doing well today!

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