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Hi all,

I had my latest item rejected because there are already too many of this kind.

Seeing that there is not a single one on graphic River which even remotely resembles my submission I must assume that it’s because it falls into the “basic business cards” category which is On the “not needed” list.

I have a few more nifty business cards which are basically cool ideas, even though the design itself may not be very elaborate.

I guess I better forget about those? Seeing the above, is it correct to assume that at GR there is no interest in smart ideas, only elaborate execution? if there is correct, then I immediately stop on my business card ideas and go back to designing print flyers … I just want to make sure not wasting my time on something that will never get accepted in any case…



My submission:


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Maybe it’s worth contacting staff, or support, or whoever you’re supposed to contact about a rejected item. I think it’s a cool design, and they may reconsider if you put across your feelings about it.

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There are already submissions for a transparent business card templates.

But not too many, I would contact the staff and get them to double check their inventory.

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And what about the nontransparent business cards? There are no many :D ?