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CyberShot says

I have been using this tutorial to set up a custom login for a support site that I am building and things have been going good. The thing is that in the tutorial, it shows how to add custom fields to the login form and how to save them to the database. I have been working pretty hard recently on learning php and one question I am asking myself now is how one finds all the functions that need to be hooked into or the names of variables. What are the tricks to figuring out how to modify a plugin?

For example. I have learned recently that when working with arrays, you can use print_r to find out the key => value pairs. Then use that information to figure out your code. I think it is time for a nice tutorial on how things are figure out. There are thousands of tuts on how do code something but I have never seen one on how they figured it out.

Another good example would be the Envato API . Some good tuts on how to get some information but nothing on the rest of it. What if you want to find something that isn’t covered in the tutorial? Do I have to open up the api and start reading? Is any of this making any sense?

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FirestormGraphics says

if your a mac user you could use coda 2 which has all the reference books you need, php ,jquery,html,css etc.

in any case heres a link you’ll find usefull :) here’s the manual: http://php.net/manual/en/index.php