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premitheme says

Hi everybody in Envato :)

I have two UX improvement suggestions if you don’t mind…

1. Just wanted to report an annoying issue with item’s comments. It’s the confusion between “Reply” and “Report” links, I think “Reply” link needs to be more emphasized than “Report” link, many times when being in hurry I click “Report” instead of “Reply” and type the comment normally and don’t realize that it was a report message until I get the “ThemeForest Notice This comment has been …” message. It could be my fault, but I think a little emphasize for the “Reply” link (to be a button for example) will be better.

2. When I upload an item and waiting for approval, If I click “Delete” by fault (is this strange things happens to me only? :) lol) it deletes the file without confirmation. Also it could be my fault, but I believe that any deletion order must to has a confirmation (just a javascript confirm window)

That’s all, and thanks for your time.

EDIT : Also in the point #1, when have many replies on a comment, it could be better to “Reply” button on every or even on the last reply. When I have a comment with 5-7 replies, and the reply button on the first one only, this increases the chances of clicking “Report” by fault, since there is no reply link.

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cudazi Staff says

I’ve accidentally reported a few comments so I agree with #1. Thankfully the mods clear it up pretty quickly.

Having a reply at the end of the conversation chain would be beneficial since I often get a stray reply to a long conversation days or weeks later and need to track down which comment it came from originally.