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I submitted this admin template to the html section but it got rejected on these basis

” This template has a nice concept going but will need many improvements in typography, visual hierarchy, layout and general aesthetics “

I dont see any problems with the typography of the template as i used a bout two fonts consistantly throught the whole design and as for the general layout and visual hierachy i used the same layout as one of the top selling admin theme on themeforest and the general asthtics come on i know its not extreamly marvellous but i know its not extreamly bad either i haave seen worst in the html section.



If there are any problems with the template that i am oblivious to could you please point it out to me as i am completly baffled why this template got rejected, i mean if it was the psd section i would understant that they have `extreamly hight standard` but this was the html section

Let me know what you think

Thanks Mike