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Panda-Bear says

We don’t know how busy his schedule really is though :P nor do we know the amount of emails he has been getting, or if all were as obvious as the one above.

Regrettably, this is not a freelance commison. When enthusiastically replying to his email, it took me to a sight requesting to sign up to a fan service.

Pure Spam.

Oh well. Thanks anyway. I’ll report it to Envato now.

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virtuti says

It is a job offer. The band is looking for an expert to make their official video. I recommended this very band to search videohive portfolios and talk to authors about possible hiring. I do not know why you were chosen since you are from England while the band is from France, probably your portfolio impressed the band manager or may be they are planning to be in England or may be they have some ready portions of video material which should be worked out further, anyway, the band manager wrote a few authors to check their rates or/and other details and You were among the chosen authors.

If you had reported this as a spam, well, you missed a potential freelance video project.:)))

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MSFX Moderator says

^ +1

I’d try chasing a little harder, sounds like a job to me rather than spam… if it was spam more authors would get it, not just you…