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vertetblanc says

Hi there, I couldn’t find any relevant thread so I decided to start one.

I have purchased Media Grid when it was on version 1.4 but I needed my site to be compatible with IE 8. Now with the 2.0 version being available, I would like to update, however the instructions provided are unclear as to the implications of deleting version 1.4 and installing version 2.0. I can’t afford to lose all my media grids and I would like to know what is the correct process to update to version 2.0 without losing all your media grids that already exist? Can you offer advice and or point me to an article that discusses this. Perhaps to many users the deleting plugin/installing plugin works but I’ve extensively deployed it and would like to ensure that I update without losing all my work.

Thanks for the great plugin!

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Tean says

Hi vertetblanc! Its best to contact the author directly in the comments of the file you bought.