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codegrill says

Please review my template as this got reject as it don’t match themeforest needs …......

So please review it …..

URL – http://goo.gl/eCggH

Please let me know as where its going wrong or what i have to change to get this selected on themeforest .

Also this template is available in 10 colors ….. so please help me out in seeking out some errors !!!


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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Hi CodeGrill,

Unfortunately that design just isn’t at the level required for acceptance here. You’ve got a lot to work in the way of design.

I’d recommend starting out over on the tutsplus network, and work through the design and coding tutorials over there if you’re interested in selling templates here. Learning design and coding principles will help you identify the differences between your design and designs that are for sale here on ThemeForest. That’s the first step in being able to design and code something that will be accepted and sell well.

Hope that helps :)

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wopethemes says

urgent , required ? are you paying employer? :D