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Are there restrictions on plug-ins and presets we can use on After Effects? Cause i thought i couldn’t use optical flares for example but i see that most people add their pre-rendered flares in their project file..

Also, can i use Ease and Wizz or is that against the rules?


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Optical flares:

Alright people, got a response from Andrew himself, and its good news.

As I previously mentioned, direct renders of Optical Flares is not permitted. Not just the presets he provides, pretty much any flare made in Optical Flares cannot be rendered out and provided as a standalone motion graphic.

Using Optical Flares within a project file IS permitted. But Andrew Kramer was quick to point out that the flares shouldn’t and can’t be the focal point of the project. Meaning a basic text element with some Optical Flares laid on top would not be an acceptable use. That’s kind of a mute point, because anything this basic wouldn’t be approved anyway. And after the influx of Optical Flares projects after it was released, we instated the “files we don’t need” page preventing files that are 90% Optical Flares and 10% other elements.

In addition to allowing usage of Optical Flares within Project Files, Andrew also gave the okay for authors to provide pre-renders of the Optical Flares created within those projects to ensure buyers without the plug-in can still use your project.

It works out pretty well, because everything he detailed is already in place. I do also want to point out that Andrew Kramer specifically mentioned this agreement as being special usage for VideoHive. Their license page is a bit confusing, and his response was not clarification on if his license already permits the use of Optical Flares in this fashion, but instead he basically said, he’s giving VH special permission to use Optical Flares this way. So if you’re a non-exclusive author and submit work to other places, this rule doesn’t carry over. Not saying you can’t use Optical Flares elsewhere, just that you’d have to refer back to the license page. Where as on VH we have specific usage permission.

So big thanks to the VideoCopilot team!! Hope that clears up the confusion.

And as new author you should check this page: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/382/86/files-we-do-and-dont-need

You can use them in projects, but you can’t upload and redistribute them.
More about using the scripts in projects for sale: http://videohive.net/forums/thread/using-scripts-to-sell-projects-/30457
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Wow, that was quick, thanks a lot!

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Its also good to keep in mind. That most of VH buyers have very small knowledge about After Effects and a specially third party plugins. And they avoid items with “plugin needed”. ;)

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