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davgothic says

Thank you for clarifying that @hothoundz. I had a feeling this was the case, but I do see a awful lot of authors who seem not to care. It’s a shame.

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hothoundz says

@davgothic – Glad it was of help. The photographer forums are filling up with threads about image infringements. Rather than chasing the infringements themselves they hand over to copyright lawyers who specialise in chasing image infringements. Needless to say, the costs are much higher for the infringers and some face prosecution.

What I’m struggling to understand (and this is a general note) is why some authors (I know most on TF are fine) believe it is OK to use other’s copyrighted Intellectual Property to sell their template…yet if their template gets copied onto a torrent site they complain bitterly. Is it simply that we are now in an age where the mantra “anything on the internet is free” is still pervasive and no-one had learned yet that, actually, more-or-less everything on the internet is subject to some copyright or other?

One of the issues is that metadata is routinely stripped out by many programs so that tracing the copyright owner is more difficult. But, as was pointed out earlier in this thread, ignorance of the law is no defence and simply because you cannot find the owner does not make it free. There is no such thing as “Fair Use” when selling a commercial product like templates on TF.

Could Envato be more pro-active in ensuring copyright infringement doesn’t happen with images? Yes…there are a number of themes that use Pixar, FLICKR images (that are part of the Getty collection) etc. Given that Envato is now selling stock image itself, you would have thought that a little more care and consideration would go into checking themes. While Envato is in a grey area with themes being hosted on other sites, all it would take is one lawsuit from Getty or a.n.other to sort that out…and all agencies are becoming more and more litigious. Why? It’s very profitable.