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YD-LABS says

Hello Everyone.. :)

I am creating 3D earth for sale.. :) I downloaded texture from google. I just want to know that can I use that texture in my product, which I am creating for sale (commercial purpose)?

If not then please tell me some good sites where I can download good texture for my commercial projects.. :)

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ChristineWilde Reviewer says

Hi YD-Labs,

If your using textures that other people have created, you need to ask for permission to use it in a file you plan to sell. You could also create your own texture or point the end user to the image that you used to download themselves.

It’s a touchy subject. I use all my own textures and materials.

Hope that helps!

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fAntasticmE says

if what youre selling is a .mov file you dont distribute the texture so i think youre ok. if the texture is included you have to have permision