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Ellex says


Am I allowed to use videos (intros) that I have purchased from videohive on my youtube videos. I am partner which means that I am making money out of it but it is free to watch the videos.

Could someone explain this please

Regards, Ellex

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Doren says

something like a referral link?

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dorde says

Ellex, you can. For example you can buy project with regular licence, customize template, and use same final video as much as you want, for example for your every intro. If you maybe, in future, want to edit something in project (for example final text / video title), you need to buy project again.
Staff please review this post, just in case :)

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frcc78 says

Hello, I’m interested too by the answer.


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KingDog Staff says

Here’s all our license info:


I would say this falls under “single free-to-download videocast series”, which is a regular license.

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armando6767 says


If you are making a tutorial or a show on youtube or vimeo, and it will have the same format for a large number of videos (example: an instructional series, review channel, sketch comedy series, etc)

I’ll post bellow answers form ENVATO STAFF to questions regarding regular license use for a show on youtube that will use the same intro exported from an after effects project, music for that intro, transitions, background music and 3D elements in several (more than 20 videos):

“Hello Armando,

Thank you for your message to Envato support. If your video series is going to be displayed on Youtube, you are only required to purchase a Regular License. This is true for any category of files for sale on our marketplace. If you consider all 10 of your videos to belong to 1 series, then only 1 license is necessary”

What about Vimeo? do I need to purchase additional regular license for the same files I use on my show on youtube?

“The license applies to the videos themselves. Each unique project would need its own license regardless of where the project is displayed. So, an additional license would not be required for videos displayed on another platform.”

I hope this will be usefull to my fellow youtubers thinking about creating a series without having to pay prohibitely expensive licenses and being able to remain legal by paying reasonable fees to ENVATO .

Take Care!