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This is my last feedback request. I’ve designed a card interface that I’m thinking of slicing, coding and sending to html themes for reviewal. What do you think, will this be accepted?

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Nice. My only comments are the font maybe a little small, and I am unsure on the punch marks.

Personally I would be surprised if this wasn’t accepted, but I am unsure on how populated the area is for this submission.


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it’s awesome , it will be a shame if this wasn’t accepted

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I find the design to be clean enough. Some suggestions:
  • on web, you must have a clear typography concept, I suggest rework the paragraph font-size, does not need to be too big, you don’t address kids or oldies, 12px is best
  • Titles cannot be colored, looks childish, make them black or #111
  • Spacing concept again need improvements: small spacing separate paragraphs, bigger space separate menu from bottom, just to get an idea
  • finally, I don’t really like the haircut, I hate it :)
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What do you think, will this be accepted?

Hello, it is difficult to say, yes, inspector’s pre-review would be most helpful, but you know, it is impossible, therefore we have no way but go “va bank” with submissions of our works. Anyway, to my subjective opinion your work is tidy and accurate but I think it requires some yet more effort to be put in.

Contact page–contact form styling is not perfect yet. Borders look rough and too rounded. Same about Portfolio page image borders (+ shadow, isn’t it too thick and dark?)

About page… Well, I do not know, it is my personal and subjective view on the matter but if I were John Smith/John Doe/your name/hypothetical designer I would avoid to show a rating method of my skills. I mean it just from psychological point of view. To show a potential employer/client that I am not perfect in all aspects/fields of profession (1 star out of five, two stars out of five etc) means to “trim” his/her trust in my professional potential, to pretend that I know all aspects of profession by rating all skills by 5 stars is yet worse cause it cannot be true. Therefore to resolve a dilemma I would remove rating at all. However, if you have another opinion or you have heard that such practice of the rating affects an employer/client’s mind rather positively than negatively you can keep it on, definitely.

However, from design point of view I see some disproportion–stars are too big while headings/titles (indesign, php, photoshop etc) are too thin, short and small. Maybe it is better to use either bars instead of stars or to find another way of balancing between sizes of text and graphics (stars in this case).

And last thing–though I think you will apply it without any reminding: scroll bars for text portions (Biography, Education) like one you applied on Testimonials (text length should not be restricted).

I also have slight doubts about uniqueness, it may turn to be not unique enough and you will be requested to make it more interesting and novel, but I do not know, maybe not at all.

Anyway, I wish you good luck in further work and submission.

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