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alexbeck says

Hi, I have a little problem with the current version of the video hive licenses:

the current version of VideoHive’s licences there’s no part, that would a disallow a buyer to use the material in pornographic or similar usages… In PhotoDune there’s the following part:

e. The following restrictions apply: ... 6. Use a Work together with pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or immoral content or in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party’s trademark or intellectual property. ...

In VideoHive something like this is missing! So if i would upload any material with a model, nothing could prevent that anybody would use this material for example on a porn website, in a television commercial for phone sex or whatever! The current VideoHive license would allow this. And I could get really serious problems with my models, as (of course) the model release explicitly doesn’t allow that

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Generator says

Good point Alex. I’m sure it’ll be quickly resolved – contact support about it.