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admin33 says

I am having real problems with my images in this theme. they look really fuzzy. They are originating from 100MB tiffs and i am resizing them down through cs5 and i am sure i am doing this correctly. When previewed in photoshop they are crisp. On upload to the theme village they do not look sharp. what is going wrong. I am using them as slides in the slideshow. uploading at 1200×800 pixels so they fill the screen what is going wrong. please help. i am not on the latest version of village. version 2.2 an using the latest wordpress downloaded yesterday.

also can someone tell me how i get the updated version. do i have to buy it again or are the updates free in which case how do i get one

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Kronris says

Contact the theme’s author, don’t spam on the forums for this types of issue.
Waiting for a moderator to close this thread.

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EireStudio says

Hi admin,

Updates are free. Check your downloads area for any new releases. And your best bet is to contact the author and ask them directly. This is a general forum.