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donchev_a says
Tight race between Alter and Robert_D – Come on guys, get voting. $400 is a lot of money :P

I like both of them!

But in my opinion without any doubts Robert_D is the NĂºmero Uno. ;-) this is why I gave my vote to him. :D

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robert_d says

thanks man, I am no1 right now :D

who knows what will happen, they might even change the poll, which is alright, but a bit disappointing

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flashjunkie says

Ok well as at the end of the day its my competition and not an envato run competition, i dont want to award my part of the prize money to the most popular author, i want to award the best wallpaper, i have asked Lance to shut down the Poll on the blog and i will shortly be opening a voting thread.

my appologies to everyone who voted and to lance for having his time making the poll wasted, but i think this is the best way forward.

http://activeden.net/forums/thread/wallpaper-competition-vote-here/13670?page=1 Thanks