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Squad-G says


I am not looking to give a contract to a webdesigner. It’s more a “general” request. I’d like a specific template but that other people could buy it too because I don’t have a lot of $ to spend on a contract.

I will buy it for sure, even more if it is using bootstrap !

I wanna make a wallpaper website and I would like to have a template where everything is big. I will offer HD wallpapers. I don’t want tiny screenshot… I want something beautiful who look amazing on HD monitor (1600×1200++).

I’m willing to give time to work on the coding part if it’s required. I am pro with PHP /MySQL/JS.

Thanks for reading me.

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Themico says

I don’t think there are templates or themes specially for wallpaper project, as you can’t find anything suitable searching for “wallpaper”. But I think you find a lot of interesting for you reviewing the “creative” category of WP or HTML themes.

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marie090590 says


I would like to know your project in detailed specs as I want to quote it accordingly. Kindly let me know your thoughts about this. Give me a shout in my inbox at marie[@]wickedinnovations[.]com

I will be glad to accommodate.

Thanks, Marie Cruz :)

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saeednoorzad says

Hello, You can contact me from my portfolio website http://caterinloper.com/ for your work. Regards Caterin