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kailoon Reviewer says
Lol, he wants buyers of his theme to respect his licence but he wont respect wordpress’s licence? Is he joking?! ha ha ha what a tit

Exactly what I think.

I think that people who code too much in wordpress and become really good tend to forget they are working with a platform with rules and law .. wich is not their platform.

If you think you can build stuff without WP .. code your own CMS and licence it the way you want.

Now if you are coding for WP and benifit from its market and community, just freaking respect what the creator wants or dont use it anymore.

This is not about how smart you are or how well you know about laws. It is about appreciation on an awesome product ( which is free and open source ).

Think about it, without WordPress, Thesis will not be built, same happen to other premium theme selling websites.