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Nhaugaard says

Hey Guys. You probably heard this question many times before, but i searched the forum, and i didn’t find what i was looking for. So here it goes. :)

As written in the subject title, i really wanna learn to build (Wordpress) themes from scratch, and at some point sell them here on Envato. But the problem is i’m not the sharpest when it comes to coding, simply because always have been focusing on the design part, which i’m very confident in. But my big question to you guys is, where do i start? I know its a big question, but i’m looking for specific answers, because when i search the web for information about the subject, it takes me in a thousand directions.

I designed multiple themes in photoshop, just for fun, because i love the creative part of it, but i would really like to take it the step further, and hopefully start building the themes completely :)

Is Genisis framework the way to go as a newbie? Do you know any tutorials that explain in detail how to get started? When the goal is to sell the theme at the end? Or what do you guys think? I hope you can make sense of what i’m trying to ask here :)

Thank you so much guys, any help is really appreciated.

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Vlajki says

Hello Nhaugaard,

Are you proficient in HTML and CSS? If you are, diving into Wordpress theming will be a lot easier for you than for other newbies out there. My piece of advice is to start with the Wordpress Codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/. It’s very comprehensive and extensive. Take a look, read some of it, get familiar with it. After that, you should probably start with a framework that has a lot of community around it, because it will be easier for you to ask questions and avoid common problems. I’m not familiar with the complexity of different frameworks, but I’m sure someone will visit this thread and point you to the right direction.


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davidossahdez says

I was in the same situation as you last year… Now, I’m really close to release my first WordPress theme here in ThemeForest, so I think that I can answer your question.

I’m not going to say that learning WordPress development is easy, but it’s not rocket science either! With enough dedication, you should be able to figure it out. One of the most useful resource that I have found to learn anything about web development was this website: http://teamtreehouse.com/ Those guys really know how to teach! I highly recommend you to give them a try. Also, you should take a look at https://tutsplus.com/ to find more advanced courses about WordPress and JavaScript. Both websites worth the investment and you will learn a lot about best practices and new technologies.

If you are one of those guys who learn by hacking. I recommend you to use the Underscores framework instead of Genesis. It is developed by Automattic, the guys behind http://wordpress.com/ and it’s completely free!

That should be enough to get started. You will find more resources along the road and in less than you think, you will be coding the next best seller WordPress theme. Good luck.

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FinalDestiny says

Hi. Why not partner with a developer? For example I don’t do design at all and only partner with different authors on my items. You could do the same, but with a developer. Why struggle doing both when you can focus on only what you know best?

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Nhaugaard says

Thank you so much for the replies guys! Its really appreciated! :)

- Vlajki I’m not that familiar with coding at all. Actually i’m kinda bad at it. But i am very motivated, and when i set out to learn something, i really stick to it. :) And i will definitely take a good long look at the codex! So thank you! :)

- davidossahdez Also thank you very much for your response! And the motivation! :) It’s nice to know you found your way, and i wish you good luck with your theme! I actually stumped upon Treehouse some time ago, but didn’t give it much thought at the time. Apparently you can get a 15 days free trial period. So i’m signing up right away! And the Underscores framework sounds like the obvious choice, so i’m going to read up on that as well. And yes i will be coding the bestseller at some point, thanks to you guys :)

- FinalDestiny Thank you for responding! :) I thought about teaming up with a developer, but i have so many different ideas, and i would really like to be able to do everything my self. Not that i’m never going to team up with a developer, but i really want to learn it also :)

Thank you again guys!

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Smartik says

If you can create good, qualitative designs in Photoshop, that doesn’t means you’ll be able to create the same quality in WP. Probably you’ll learn some new things and start copy, paste code everywhere you need it, check it and if it looks as expected then you’ll think is that is ok. And, in the end you’ll be able to create a WP theme. But ask yourself about quality. This is a question that, unfortunately, a lot of theme developers don’t care about it.

Now to direct you in the right direction here’s is what you must learn before you go for WP:
  1. Learn HTML – make sure you know everything about it. How it works, what is allowed and what is not, tags type, attributes, SEO HTML structure, etc.
  2. Learn CSS – CSS is very important, and even if it looks simple, is not as easy to write good CSS code.
  3. Javascript(&jQuery) – You don’t have to learn it, just make sure to read something about it when you have free time.
  4. Create at least one full HTML template. The best is to prepare it for Themeforest and make it available for sale.
  5. Now you can learn PHP – You should learn the basics. PHP built-in functions, variables, arrays, constants, loops, how to create your own functions, how to make the code reusable, how to include it and what is the best method for different cases, etc.
  6. Undestand WP Codex, make use of functions available there.
  7. Start your own WP theme but always try to use the best practices. If you are unsure about a piece of code, open google and learn from others how to do it better.

This is how I see you a good WP Developer.

Good luck.
:) Andrei.

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