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xeriuth says


I recently made a theme for a gaming website and I wan’t to sell it, now the theme is awesome and it has alot of features but it also include some paid plugins which are 40$ a piece. The theme is a [link removed] if anyone interested let me know.


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Cara_design says

You can’t promote or sell products using the forums – you would need to submit the theme to Themeforest and see if it gets accepted.

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KingDog Staff says

Had to remove your link due to the forum rules against self promotion. Thanks!

A Note on Self Promotion

Because of the commercial nature of the Envato networks, authors are expected to understand and respect the fact that using the forum to post links to one’s own items, or to give away free files to the community, is not allowed. This practice effectively undercuts the hard work of all authors who wish to sell their items fairly