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stop_stare says

I am looking for an extremely talented WordPress developer to join forces and create the next great WordPress Theme.

I have been working in the web design industry for many years, working on major projects for many global brands. However, over the past year I have taken on a number of very successful solo projects and want this to be my next.

Designs are already in progress, but I am keen to get a WordPress guru on board asap to bring their expertise to the table.

The profits of the project will be split 50/50. I have no money to offer up front, you will be taking this project on the basis of its eventual financial reward.

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Dzinc says

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charlie4282 says

50/50 might need to be negotiable as the coding takes a lot more effort and they have to support the theme going forward etc. You will get a much better response if you can upload some of your designs even if they are not the ones you plan to sell to gauge capability. Good luck