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CodeMaster2008 says


We are starting a small hosting company and need a new website and logo. We are looking for something modern, elegant and clean, i’m not sure if it’s correct way to describe it but what we like is the look and feel of the Web 2.0.

To help you understand, here are some designs we like (logo and website):

http://www.sitefinity.com/ http://www.freshbooks.com/ http://www.sitefinity.com/ http://www.microsoft.com/web/

The website design don’t have to be made exclusive for us, if you have a template/mokup already and want to use it, it’s fine for us (if it will help reduce the costs off course). Actually there is a lot of templates on this website (themeforest) that we just loved.

If you can make it a theme for any CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, etc) that would help since we will be able to update the site more easily.

I noticed people here are not into asp.net :-) but if you can do it on DotNetNuke it’s even better, but at the end, a PSD file or ready to use html pages is enough.

Hope somebody can help me with that.

NOTE : We also need a logo

Thanks in advance

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CodeMaster2008 says


I believe that will help you understand our needs and what you can do for us, this is what the content will looks like.

HOME PAGE , since we are a hosting company, the home will describe our products and 3 to 4 packages some information about our control panel, reporting services and a service we offer for churchs.

COMPARISION CHART , a page with a comparision chart (for the packages)

ABOUT THE CONTROL PANEL , from the banner (or whatever on the home), the user will be able to come to this page and see details and screenshots of the control panel and reports

SERVICES FOR CHURCHS , from a banner or icon on the home the user will come to this page with will be pretty much text but some kind of banner would help.

OUR SERVICES , Most text with some icons/banners to help people visualize exactly what we do.

CONTACT US PAGE , a contact us form and information on how to get support.

EXTRA INFO , other than that, we can use a blank template to add the information ourselves (since it will be most text).

As i said before, If we can have it on wordpress, joomla or any kind of CMS , that would help (speacially DotNetNuke).

Thanks a lot.

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HaraKim says

I can help you especially if your set on DotNetNuke send me an email through my profile page

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ZDN_web_design says


i am freelance web designer/developer from UK with 8 years of experience in range of skillls you can check on http://www.zdncomputers.com/cv.php

I am very interested in working with you. Check my portfolio at http://www.zdncomputers.com/portfolio.php and my profile for prices and my contact information.

ps. I have a few big PHP /MySQL projects that are not in my portfolio because clients wanted it that way, if you want to see them, please send me email at zdncomputers@gmail.com

Zach N.

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firnovion says

I can help you.

Web can work with WordPress to create the website and I can make a theme or buying a theme from here and edit it, depends on your money needs.