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dtbaker Moderator says

Hey guys and girls,

I’m working on a new site and need ideas on how to display a HUGE list of product features. Like a giant pricing table on steroids.

Each “product feature” will have a title, short paragraph and a “read more” link. Some of the features may have small icons in with the paragraph of text, and others may have an additional “play video” link.

Has anybody seen a design (or even better, a theme here!) that does a good job at displaying a large number of “product features”? Features can be grouped together in sections (eg: 10 features per section).

A bit vague I know! Still compiling the full list of features and text for this product page. Maybe I’ll have some better ideas when that is completed.


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revaxarts says

Instead of showing all features I would just display the ten most “killer features” with short text and maybe an image like Apple does it.

At the bottom a button with “show all 1.482 features” or something which targets to the complete list maybe grouped in categories and with drop-downs and some kind of category image

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Ornlu says

You might want to ask this on http://ux.stackexchange.com/ :)