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nancythomasphotos says

Hi, I’m really hoping someone can help me. I have the Dandelion theme and when I visited my website today I am getting a blank page with a message at the top that says “Hacked by unknown_BR” followed by a profanity. I am not very technical, so I am hoping someone can tell me step by step what to do to fix this?? How do I get my site back?

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jonathan01 says

Contact your host immediately to sweep your site and directories for malicious code – immediately change all passwords / logins to EVERYTHING including hosting, domain name server, mysql databases, WordPress etc – your host should be able to assist you in getting things back on track and working out how entry was gained – if on a shared server however it may of come from another account on the same server – they will need to investigate.

Good luck!

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snapcold says

You can also restrict access to wordpress admin panel to your IP only using .htaccess.