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segen says

This should have been my next blog entry but since I’m to busy to design myself a nice blog I’ll post it here.

I’m in a web for a couple of years now. Back in the days didn’t know anything about the web, I didn’t know anybody and I was somehow lost. Today I’m happy to conclude that I have grown to a great designer with a lot of experience and yet what makes me more happy is that I have so much to learn and to discover.

In the past years I joined to some quality forums and discussions and met really great people. Ever since I’m on TF, that’s not long, I got to know even more people from all over the globe. I get a lot of user input every day and people contact me from all over the globe asking for some freelance work. Now that’s telling me that all this time I’ve been on the right path. Thank God it’s so.

So, what about You?

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BillionStudio says

I agree segen, it’s always a pleasure to do what you love, meet like minded people – and get paid for it! :)

Such a nice community is rare these days, and everyone on the forum seems to be putting in positive constructive feedback to make the site even better.

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twoaz1 says

Hey :)

I just wanted to jump in to say I agree too! We (hubby and I) choose to be a part of this community because of the good people who run and participate here.

It’s cool to be a part of a friendly, global community. What is really amazing to me is how well so many people who speak a native language other than English communicate in English so effectively. I can’t speak for all of my country but in my part of the US there isn’t enough emphasis on learning to be bi or multi lingual (imho). The world comes together on the Internet!

My hat’s off to you all (if I had one)


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SaroGFX says

Yea, i read the blogs of envato every day, not even any others! I just need to power up my web design skills and i’m seing forward to the day i can make quality templates for envato. Unfortunately i couldn’t practice my skills this holiday because i was too bissy. But after new year, i should have some open spots again. Wich i’m going to give fully to Photoshop and especially webdesign and large art, wich i’m most interested at.

Imo this a really great community. I think it’s because of the really ‘envato’ look that everyone is so nice for each other. I have 2 community’s running and there are nowadays some jackasses that spam or can’t spell decent. But i never seen this before on this forum. I don’t say my community’s are bad, but i really need to have to found on a specific group of loyal members.

Themeforest and all of Envato (like the TUTS network) is so great. I hope Collins, Jeffrey and other members know how much people want to do what they do, including me. But one day… you just wait.

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CreativeBoy says

Hm, where do i need to start? eww, from my 11th age… When i got 11, i started to surf over the net to learn something new… I met a lot of sites in these 2 years, but the best sites that i met were envato blogs. They are really great. I learned a lot of things from them. When i met PSDTUTS and VECTORTUTS i started to think, “What if i will be a designer?”, but at that time the second me was saying “Developing is better”. After 3-4 months i answered to my own question “I’m gonna be developer designer!” and to answer to my question helped me Envato blogs. I want to say THANKS to Envato…

What about TF? It’s an awesome place for both developers and designers to show their works.

I wish i will learn all what i want from Envato blogs. They helped me in the past, and i wish they will help me in the future…

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