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HelenSouness says

This is my timeline, was quite a journey :D

Working at a full-time job
Sign up to ActiveDen at work during lunch break
Upload first file, make $50 first month
Start making 3 times my salary on ActiveDen per month
Buy sports car
Quit job and work on ActiveDen full time
Become number one top seller on ActiveDen
Start making my years salary on ActiveDen per month
Dump girlfriend and start dating a newer hotter girlfriend
Start travelling the world, Europe, Africa, Asia
Become first Envato Elite author
Move in with new girlfriend
Get distracted and stop making Flash files
Sales start to drop but don’t care
Play too much guitar hero
Steve Job announces no Flash support
Go into denial
Dump girlfriend
Go into a depression, start drinking a lot
Start spending all my savings money on partying
Extensively research pyramids, and watch ancient alien series for days.
Go back to ex-girlfriend but she cheats on me and I leave her again
Start drinking more.
Crash sports car
Eat a pigeon when Envato didn’t pay on time
Have a spiritual awakening on my balcony and talk to the universe
Become convinced the world was going to end December 21
Decide its time to make some changes.
Quit drinking
Upload first PSD theme to ThemeForest
Find developer for partnership to make WordPress themes
4 Themes uploaded to ThemeForest
Start making a profit again :)

Awesome, hope it goes well from here :-)

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Malvouz says

July 2011 - Hear about Themeforest, especially Indonez (They come from my country) I busy with my final project in university. I’m an Electrical Engineer.

December 2011 - Graduated and learn ‘How to make a WordPress Theme’.

January 2012 - Still learn Basic WordPress Function.

February 2012 - Sign Up at TF. - Being idle because I have to find a sponsor to get me to Japan. - Sometimes I open WordPress Codex. Just read!

March – April 2012 - In Japan. - Give a report to my sponsor.

Mei – August 2012 - Looking for a job. - My plan is work at Monday to Friday and code in Saturday and Sunday. - Still learn WP code.

September – November 2012 - Get a job. - Still learn WP code.

December 2012 - First upload to TF. - First rejected. - Do not angry because I know it will get rejected. - Upload theme to Wordpress.org - Get a review to become standard code.

Oktober 2013 - Getting started again to focus on premium theme. - First post in this forum.

... 2014 - I will read it back this post and see what happen to this account. Became elite, power elite or just idle?