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ThemeWeaverz says
I submitted my theme Retail Maniac yesterday but it has got rejected. The reply from the reviewer was
Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.
Does any one have any idea which requirement i have not fulfilled in this theme. Please suggest, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Demo URL http://themeweaverz.com/preview/opencart/retail/


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themelux says

The first thing I would consider changing is the font size, it’s very small and hard to read.

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ssievert says

Nice one, I like it! :) Concept / design could not be the real reason of rejection, I think.

• Font size is to small • Footer looks a bit dull • some issues with the smaller responsive versions: - language menu overlaps small menus at the top - the images at the product page overlapping texts and elements in some situations

good luck!