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itthinx says

Wow, I was browsing through the threads here for a completely different reason and ended up posting a couple of replies on interesting stuff. But this really hits the spot, I just got reminded of Shane Agnew’s site – Higher Than Superman a few days ago and there is one statement he has on his site that made a really deep impact on me when I first read it, and always has the same effect when coming back. Looks like here’s a chance to share it again:

Life is good

I am grateful for life and those who remind us of its worth. I wish it were the condition of mankind.

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Blinn says

I’m grateful for what I discovered about Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.

3 countries with beautiful languages, especially in music. Here’s one of my favorite songs, which I found recently:


^ Danijela – Neka mi ne svane

All three countries are under-appreciated IMO and they deserve more recognition for all the good things they have that make the three countries unique, and not just with music. :)