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earthrat says

I have been an Evanto member for many years and it seems for the last half year it is becoming a more and more unfriendly place. We used to be able to login without a recaptcha and now we have to fight with some of the crappiest test I have ever had to use. For example the latest one included a fraction which I did the best I could with a keyboard but obviously was not good enough. Most of the time I have to cycle through at least 3 times to find one I can actually use. I have to ask why we need this to login when our user has already been determined and if it is coded correctly it will deny access if it is wrong?

The other thing I find irritating is that the password I have been using which is secure is apparently not secure enough so I had to change it to something that Evanto considers strong enough. What business is it of yours what password I use anyway?

All in all I love the sites but I think it has become a very impersonal place with these irrelevant security changes and I just wanted to vent my frustration!

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dnp_theme says

This is to prevent SPAM. The servers cannot know that from your computer there is a human managing requests and NOT a robot interested in flooding our forums with mostly uninteresting ads.

There are sometimes waves of bots trying to SPAM the forums or hack here and there, so for this purpose, the captcha security images could be really difficult to read if not impossible sometimes.

After all this is for your own good, you won’t get your account hacked or some crazy SPAM flood our forums with junk. This is not Obama bombing for peace, this is for real.

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doru says

slightly related

but if you get a fraction in the captcha ignore it. Just write the other word only.

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Bedros says

I know it is frustrating sometimes, but anyway I prefer the way as it is now.
Loosing one or two extra minutes is far better than loosing your account.

Wish you the best,