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I think we focus too much on profession and productivity. That’s why many answers here includes essential life needs as a motivational source of “job”. That’s one way of thinking but it is sad, since our casual activities should be given #1 priority while the job should gain motivation from the job itself. ;) I know this is not possible for most of current generation but lets not forget profession is not necessarily our centre of gravity!

As always ; it was a wonderful quote.

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I love playing ping-pong :). And by “love” I mean I can play 2-3 hours without taking a 2min break even though my arms hurt :).

Also, playing the guitar (not learning to play songs or playing a specific song, but playing random notes that I “feel”) is very motivational and can help you think about what you want to achieve and make you want to do it.

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I think everything can get boring after while, I found it interesting if I change the routine often and not do exactly same things every day. Instead of going to gym, what about dancing? Some good quality music can help one to jump and really have fun. I would also recommend reading motivating books :) about self-improvement, success (for example ‘The Magic Of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz) – this one has a good effect, clears mind and gives you hope and power. I really enjoy having some quiet time with books made of paper, we usually spend so much time with electronic inventions sometimes it’s nice to remember paper books too. :)