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OurWebMedia says

Hi there,

I’m catching up with the world. I use to be real involved when it came to the Internet, but then I lost touch for a few years and everything has changed on me. It’s all so complicated now lol

I am curious what programs you’d recommend for someone building their websites? You guys build beautiful templates. How do you do it? I know of course with skills but what programs do you use to assist your designs?

Would love any tips that could help someone amateur like myself coming into the world of web designs :)


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Balron says


I guess that most of webdesigners use Adobe Photoshop for design part. Coding is matter of personal taste. There are many IDE ’s and ‘simple’ text editors, you can use. If you are on Mac, then its either Coda or TextMate (I am not mac user, but those two editors are getting most attention). For Windows.. you have soo many choices. I prefer notepad++ for simple xhtml/css coding, then PhpDesigner for php.

Some additional info: smashingmagazine

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DDStudios says

You should definitely look at www.lynda.com !

I learned everything there. You can go trough lessons and see 2-3 video before you subscribe. Really cheap and you can look at all their video … it’s just awesome.

I really recommand lookin at a lot of design to really know what’s going on.

Here’s gallery site I visit everyday.




Also Smashing magazine like it was suggest by Balron is really good.

There is all the Tuts site that you will really enjoy to (Thanks to Envato :) )



With internet today , you can learn anything. :)

1 1/2 years ago , I didn’t knew how to use photoshop at all .. and couples month ago , I didn’t knew HTML /CSS at all. So I guess if you are passionnate , you can do it too.

Hope that help !