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franki says

I was debating whether I should post this in the item request forum but I hope this gets noticed here and will receive useful feedback. Anyway…

I’m probably like many other users out there that does a search on the net to find a solution to a problem I’m trying to sort out and then it’s immediately bookmarked once I find it. However when the same problem comes back at a later time on maybe another project I find myself doing another google rather than searching my own bookmarks. Yes, I’m the type of guy who puts food in the freezer and then forgets about it until it’s time to clean it out. Maybe not the most organized person in the world either :)

What I would find very useful is a database that I can store urls with a description that can be added, AND a rating system (which is very important). Then I can do a keyword search and get results according to relevance and the highest rating as a solution. I know there are browser addons, but I do not find them very helpful, and useless when I’m working on different workstations. What would be the best possible scenario is to also allow uploading of scripts which can be organized and searched as well. I have so many of those tucked away in different folders and servers that I can’t keep track. I don’t know if there is such a thing out there that fits my needs, and if there is I’d really love to know about them. I welcome suggestions.

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KeithDee says

Good idea. Couldn’t you make a collection though, called “Franki’s Faves” or something?