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Mike410 says

The wordpress portfolio theme I just purchased as the option of an Ajax portfolio or a Non-Ajax portfolio. Is one better to have then the other? Would an Ajax one be better as the wait time is less?

I still dont know the difference between Ajax and non Ajax…

Ajax = Doesn’t require your web browser to “refresh” when it loads new content, Ajax can send or retrieve data from a web server without the server needing to “reload/refresh” from the client(you and your web browser in this case)

non-Ajax = the page needs to be refreshed to get new content, when you click on a link in a page you see the page actually reload, if the site setup properly most of the site contents cached(images css js) so its brief.

its more complex than this but yeah
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Kriesi says

In General an ajax request is better because the load time for the user is reduced and you are also requesting less resources from your server (if the ajax script is written well of course)

And as an additional note: If coded correctly its not true that ajax scripts have any negative SEO impact. You can easily test that by disabling javascript. If you click the link which previously loaded a portfolio item via ajax, and it loads the portfolio page with a normal page request, you are good to go. In that case the theme author has used an appropriate fallback.

If you deactivate the browsers javascript, then click the link and nothing happens the theme author didn’t put a lot of thought into the script and it might affect the visibility of your content for google. In that case I would recommend to not use the Ajax option.

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Bedros says

Useful info in this thread – Thanks very much friends.

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Jillur_rahman says

Ajax is difficult for google SEO crawl.

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organicbee says

Ajax is difficult for google SEO crawl.

not when done correctly https://developers.google.com/webmasters/ajax-crawling/