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amvictor says

Complete newb to WP but have used templates in the past. I am looking to purchase the avada template/theme as it looks user-friendly for the inexperience. However, the description says the theme comes with 22 PSD files. I don’t own photoshop, so does that prevent me from fully utilizing the avada theme?

All insight and advise welcome.

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BenSheppard says

It won’t affect you at all you’ll be glad to know! :D

The idea being that it gives you an easy way to mock up new designs from the current files in photoshop. If you aren’t going to be having massive changes done to the design you have nothing to worry about

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sevenspark Moderator says

The theme’s functionality is not dependent on the PSDs, so you won’t be limited in your use of the theme at all.

The PSDs are included so that those who want to do advanced customizations can edit the PSDs and then translate those customizations into images/CSS/HTML to customize the theme.

Long story short: you don’t need to worry about PSDs unless you’re specifically looking for them :)

EDIT: Ben beat me to it ;)