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Mine is Brackets, it’s an open source coding program for HTML CSS and Javascript, closely followed by Sublime Text 2 because of it’s awesome find in files feature.

1! I love Brackets! Occasionally on Windows machines I use notepad+ though…

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+1 for PHPStorm

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Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate beyond anything in the world (can’t wait for 2013 to become final). Besides how good it is by itself, leave alone for mere ‘code editing’, it’s great for team collaboration. It’s super easy to write your own IDE extensions, integrate custom assemblers/compilers, linkers, language features, editors, tools, emulators/virtualizers, etc. I’ve been a VS user since v6.0 (1998), and have yet to find a better product. I’ve tried a dozen, but most of them have too many bloat, are slow, have missing features, or are not extensible easily enough in a powerful way, or simply think they have to target a specific language. The latter being nonsense, since a development environment has nothing to do with language or platform. You should be able to put new tables in your office, change the lights etc.; plus the office building doesn’t care what you do in it, in what language you operate, it should be able to efficiently facilitate in whatever your needs are. The only crappy thing about pre-VS2013 is it comes with bad C/C++ compilers (C++11 feature support anyone?) which in the end you do pay for, but that doesn’t matter much as you can simply use any compiler you like.

yeahh true that. i was using it from last 5 years. and now i cant imagine to do coding without visual studio.

visual studio 2013 FTW…http://dmypbau5frl9g.cloudfront.net/assets/smileys/grin-5f7c72bae94b93b2f4be36971faa186e.png

Visual studio you are awesome...;) :)
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Envato team

vim (+1 neckbeard point)

in a command line terminal (+2 neckbeard points)

in a tmux pane (+3 neckbeard points)

sometimes over SSH (+4 neckbeard points)


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