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Endat says

Machine: Alienware M14x (loaded)
OS: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mandriva Linux 2011.1 (w/ vmWare running another ‘nix and XP)
Browser: Chrome.. with FireFox, Opera, Safari, and IE10 on the side
IDE: ActiveState Komodo IDE 6.1 (for web), Borland Delphi 7 & RAD Studio XE2 Enterprise (for windows apps), Dreamweaver CS6 (for simple web layout stuff), InstallAware 2012 – RAD Studio Edition (for installation packages), FlashFXP (for my FTP needs), Putty (for my ssh needs)
Graphics Photoshop CS5.1, Hexagon 2 (for 3D modeling), Carrera 6 (for all other 3d needs)
Audio Goldwave 5.67

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nCrafts says

Machine: Vaio i3 2GB RAM Operating System: Win 7 Browser: Chrome, FF, IE Browser Inspector: Firebug, Chrome Tools FTP: FileZilla IDE: Sublime Text 2 Graphics: Photoshop CS5

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scarroll says

MBP and Dell XPS DesktopServer for WYSIWYG WordPress theme design in Dreamweaver (on the XPS) and Coda2 (on the Macbook Pro). Also, Netbeans on both systems when debugging.

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thevirtualbrand says

Hi All,
I’m new here and this is my first post. This thread is really interesting to me. I’m sharing my setup too.


Machine: Dell Inspiron N5110/Core i5/15.6”
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
HDD: 640 GB
Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, CometBird and Safari
Browser Inspector: Firebug for firefox and cometbird. And native insspector for Chrome and Opera
FTP: Filezilla
IDE: Notepad++ and Dreamweaver
Graphics: Photoshop CS5
Communication: Skype and IMO

All mentioned here I use everyday. Thank you very much if you read my first post here :)

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Australia says

welcome to the forums asadiqbal :)