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Hello, I am designing an Admin Template but I am not sure of all the content that I should put in it. What I know [or I think I know] I should include is:
  • Be able to add notes
  • Be able to add images
  • Be able to view graphs
  • Be able to view the amount of people that visited the webpage So what more should I add? Thanks in advance
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    Look at successfull admin panels.

    Simpla admin for example, suports tabs, forms, tables and notifications, and thats about it, and its the highest selling admin panel.

    Other support far much more such as graphs, table sorters, drag and drop columns, images, notes and so on.

    The bare minimum is pretty much the features simpla admin has. Extras will get your brownie points in sales, but the more you add the heavier your file is for the customer etc. It’s a fine balancing act.

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    It compeltely is up to you and depends on the structure, functionality, design and complexity of your theme. You can ask however, the least or almost-necessary features that must be included within a theme’s options page.

    These are, in no specific order:
    – Custom text or image logo selection
    – Custom footer, slogan, etc. text
    – Enable/Disable sidebar widgets
    – Enable/Disable custom features (specific sliders, lightboxes, styles, etc.)

    This can be enough; again, it depends on your theme. Stay focused on serious, indispensable and really useful features/options. Sticking in every single feature you can/could edit in your theme, in your theme’s option page, would just confuse and annoy the buyer/user.

    Suerte :)

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    Hello again, Thank you for helping me! I am currently designing the login screen. And I will see how it goes :)

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    I’ve got 4 Admin Themes for sale here at Themeforest and they all sell reasonably well and practically all are 5 star.

    There is no magic formula, but my advice would be to concentrate your efforts on the following:

    Form design – style every element from textboxes to combo boxes, don’t neglect the legend/fieldset tags and if you want extra sales add in some jQuery basic validation – that way a buyer only has to add minimal things to get it working.

    Graphs – This is optional but it does help. My Silky Admin theme uses the Flot graph technology which isn’t particularly hard to install but it’s the documnetation that helps. Some of the new themes use that jQuery plugin to turn tables into graphs which is anohter option or you could just do what I did which was use Google Charts and let developers see what it could look like.

    Options – options are great, this is things like left-sidebars, right-sidebars – full width if you can be bothered.

    PSD files – you dont necessarily have to include this but if you do don’t feel like you have to include the full page designed, I mean I only design logos, buttons etc and provide those seperately.

    Good luck friend. The quality of Admin Themes has gone up greatly in the past month or so so try and come up with something extra special – my advice is spend the time on the little things, keep it clean and organised and ensure your helpfile is kickass.

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