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neelshopno123 says

Hello guys
I have a question in mind which is important to me. I’ve read the pricing terms of Themeforest. It says the commission would start from 50% for the exclusively sold items. And this 50% will increase based on sale volume. But I am not sure about this sell volume. Is it product based or user account based?

I mean suppose I have a product, “Product A”, which generated $2500 and I have a product, “Product B” which generated $5000. Now my question is how my sell volume would be calculated? Is it based one 2 products separately so that I have 2 different sale volumes and thus two separate revenue rate? Or, just summing up the whole money [$2500+$5000 = $7500] and then calculate the revenue percentage based on this $7500?

I am sorry for my bad English since it is not my native one. :(
Thank you

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Jaynesh says

It’s based on the total sales amount.

In your dashboard go into the Earnings tab. This will give you useful information about your current rate, your total earnings and how much more you need to make to reach the next commission rate.